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Magnetic recording has kept top position among a number of data storage technologies. There are many kind of magnetic media such as tapes, disks, cards and so on. For each medium, for example, video tape, DAT or hard disk, various standards are defined.

Our products enable easy and accurate observation of such magnetic records.

Colloidal Products
Thanks to the ultra fine ferromagnetic particles, about 10 nm in diameter, even submicron bit pitch records can be detected. With our sophisticated techniques colloidal particles never settle even during a long period storage. They are very suitable for observing recorded patterns of hard and flexible disks, DAT or video tapes.
Using them is very easy -- only applying a small amount of a Colloid to the part to be observed and letting it dry, then the patterns appear.
There are three types:
1. Contained in a bottle with an applicator -- coating rod made of porous plastic.
2. Contained in a felt tipped pen.
3. Contained in a plain bottle.

Video Patterns

for Magnetic Tapes -- With the attached coating rod, colloids can be uniformly applied with ease on tapes in any width. Sigmarker Q-EX, which is resulted from removal of the solvent from Sigmarker Q, is not classified as dangerous goods, so that it can be shipped as ordinary cargo. It needs dissolution in a solvent separately prepared before use. Sigmarker W is water-based colloid bottled in a container with a coating rod. Colloids are applicable for other media such as magnetic disks, cards, etc. as well as tapes. They do not expand or shrink resin films or magnetic coatings of media.

Sigmarker QQuick dry50 ml50 ml
Sigmarker Q-miniQuick dry10 ml50 ml
Sigmarker Q-EXSolidApprox. 5gNone
Sigmarker J3Water10 mlNone

Sigmarker Q

Sigmarker Pens -- These are felt-tipped pens with ferromagnetic colloid ink. Magnetic records can be observed by simply uncapping and rubbing the media with their tips. You can use anywhere without staining fingers or clothing. Soft felt tip dose not harm media surface and colloids do not expand or shrink resin films or magnetic coatings of media.

ItemBasePen widthContents
Sigmarker MWater4 mm7.5 ml
Sigmarker SRQuick dry6 mmApprox. 4 ml

Sigmarker SR

for general Magnetic Media -- These Colloids are for magnetic tapes, disks, cards and most of other media. A small amount of a Colloid is applied and allowed to dry, the patterns on media are visualized immediately. Water and quick drying oil base are provided
A-05MWater50 ml
D-10Quick dry50 ml

Developer for Lower Density Records

Suspension of ferromagnetic metal particles of 1-2 microns in diameter. They need to be well shaken just before use for good dispersion. As the resolution is no less than 20 microns, they are suitable for media with relatively low density records.
Developed patterns can be reprinted by transparent adhesive tapes.
Applications: Detecting magnetic patterns of magnetic cards, magnetic tickets, audio tapes, tracks of floppy disks, tracks of computer tapes and multi-pole magnets.

Sigmarker E
For easy application and portability, developer solution is contained in a 10 ml bottle with a brush. Suitable for maintenance work on card machines and ticket machines. Quick dry and not ozone damaging.
Contained in wide-mouthed metallic cans. Sigmasol S and Sigmasol PF are based on hydro-carbons and hydro-fluoro-ether respectively. S is inflammable and PF is nonflammable; both contain no ozone damaging chemicals. They are used by dipping media to be tested in them or applying them on the media. They suit for work on factory floors where development is frequently required.
Sigmarker E10 ml*6 pcs/case Quick dry, portable
Sigmasol S 250 ml Quick dry, economical
Sigmasol PF 200 ml Quick dry, nonflammable

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