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Magnetic Viewer MV-95
Warranty one year product!
Through the screen of MV-95 magnetic codes on a magnetic card can be observed by simply bringing the Viewer's back contact with recorded surface of the card. Faults and disorder of record are found in a second.
It will be great help for development, design and maintenance work on relating machines, also for school teachers to show students visualized shape of magnetic records.

For Observation of:

- Credit cards and tickets
- Audio tapes
- Control track of video tapes
- Multi-pole magnets
- Magnetic domain of ferromagnetic materials such as electrical steel

Disorder of card track


- Immediate and non-destructive observation
- Wide screen --- 95 mm (3.74 inch) diagonal --- A whole track of standard magnetic card is covered in a field of vision
- Long lifetime --- One year warranty is provided
- Ultra-light --- Weighs only 30 grams (about 1 oz.). Together with storage casing, 80 grams!
- High resolution --- about 1200 bpi

Credit card's magnetic stripe
Red dashed line show magnetic defects

Audio tape(1kHz sound source )

The viewer makes visible the recorded signal on magnetic card.
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