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Magnetic Viewer MV-95
Warranty one year product!
The Magnet Viewer MV-95 is a viewer that allows direct visual inspection of magnetization states such as magnetic cards, magnetic tickets, and multipole magnetized magnets. Simply by bringing the viewer's back surface into close contact with the magnetic surface, defects in recording or magnetization, as well as accidental erasure, can be confirmed. This is a product that we recommend to those involved in development, design, and maintenance.

For Observation of:

- Credit cards and tickets
- Audio tapes
- Control track of video tapes
- Multi-pole magnets
- Magnetic domain of ferromagnetic materials such as electrical steel

Disorder of card track


- Immediate and non-destructive observation
- Wide screen --- 95 mm (3.74 inch) diagonal --- A whole track of standard magnetic card is covered in a field of vision
- Long lifetime --- One year warranty is provided
- Ultra-light --- Weighs only 30 grams (about 1 oz.). Together with storage casing, 80 grams!
- High resolution --- about 1200 bpi

Credit card's magnetic stripe
Red dashed line show magnetic defects

Audio tape(1kHz sound source )

The viewer makes visible the recorded signal on magnetic card.

Important Notes

- Before use, gently rub the back surface with a soft cloth to evenly distribute the recently enclosed magnetic dispersion liquid. After prolonged storage or immediately after purchase, the magnetic dispersion liquid may be unevenly distributed and strongly agglomerated. In such cases, it may take more time than usual to evenly distribute the magnetic dispersion liquid, so please take extra care and time to ensure thorough distribution.
- This product cannot be bent or folded.
- This product features a structure where a magnetic dispersion liquid is sealed between a glass plate and an extremely thin metal foil. There is a risk of damage if subjected to strong impact.

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